Webinar Recordings

It’s never too late to learn something new with Authoritive! We know life gets busy and you may have missed one of our webinars, but don’t worry. We recorded them all so you can scroll through and watch any of the past videos whenever it works for you.

Webinar: All About Our AI Assistant

In this webinar recording, we demonstrate our new AI generator and show how it can build program outlines and write messages in under 40 seconds.

Webinar: Crafting Compelling Text Message Content

In this webinar recording, Senior Learning Experience Designer, Alejandra Naco, and Creator Success Associate, Rachel Greenstein, take you through the most effective ways to craft SMS content for your program or course. Discover tips and tricks for creating successful SMS content that will engage and educate your audience.

Webinar: Ins and Outs of SMS Program Building

In this webinar recording, our Senior Program Designer, Alejandra will lead a conversation on the ins and outs of SMS program building, everything from figuring out topics, best practices on media files, and how to create moments that really resonate with your audience.

Webinar: Turning Your Existing Content Into An SMS Program

In this webinar recording, we walk through the different ways you can transform your existing content into an interactive, text-message delivered course, program, or challenge.

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