Simple Steps to Using Our AI

For many people getting started is HARD. You’re excited to get going and want to build but staring at a blank set of topics is intimidating. We get it. 

We’ve been hard at working on how to make program creation as easy as possible for our amazing creators. We’ve just released invaluable support with our AI Program Assistant. It can whip up a complete program outline and the first daily message for each day in under 40 seconds… Yes, you heard that correctly!  

Ready to watch our little program robot start it for you? Just follow these SUPER simple steps and voila! You’ll be on your way to launching a rich and exciting program in no time.

  • Step 1: Log in to the Authoritive platform, and click the purple button labeled “New AI Program” on your dashboard.

  • Step 2: Pick one of these three ways to spill the tea on your program:
    • Objective Statement: Write a statement that captures the essence of your program (e.g., “How to get started as a beginner wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.”)
    • Video: Paste a link to a video. 
    • Article: Paste a link to written content (e.g., an article or blog post you’ve written)
  • Step 3: Simply click “Generate Program” and watch in amazement as the AI Program Assistant does its thing, conjuring up content in under 40 seconds!
  • Step 4: Once our trusty AI assistant finishes typing, simply hit the “Complete Your Program” button on the left side of your screen to explore the exciting “Create” section. Here, you can craft and customize your actual messaging in your own voice and style!

Want to adjust the AI generated content? No problem, everything is fully editable within the platform, ensuring that all content aligns seamlessly with your objectives and audience.

  • Editing: Click the “Program Details” tab on the top 
  • Select “Topics’‘: Within this page you can edit the topic and/or click the arrow beside each day’s topic which will allow you to go into that message. 

Step 5: It gets better! Once you’ve created the set of topics, you can use our AI wizard to help draft all of your messages. Inside each message box, you can type a short prompt and click the purple magic wand and the AI wizard will draft the content for you. You can then edit it and fine tune or put your own voice on it, as well as add video, audio or image files to really personalize it your own content and voice. 

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