Sales Page Examples To Help You Get Started

A well-crafted sales page is essential for successfully selling your program because it’s where your audience will look to understand more about what you’re offering. For some people, creating a sales page is easy but for others it can be a daunting task… If you’re the latter, don’t worry!  We’ve collected some winning sales pages to help you see examples and get ideas on how to knock your sales page out and start selling! 

The Blueprint:

  1. Hero/Headline – Includes program title, and description
    1. Program Description: (What You’ll Learn/Gain from taking the program and explain how it works/gets delivered?
  2. Creator Bio – Don’t assume whoever is reading your page is your biggest fan. Maybe someone forwarded them your sales page and this is their first time meeting you! Create a short paragraph introducing yourself. Share who you are and a few of your achievements and/or any background information you think is important for them to know. Help the visitors to your website understand why they can look to you as a trusted expert in the field of X. 
  3. FAQ’s – Some of this information can be restated from your program description.
    1. What is the program about? 
    2. How long is it? 
    3. How does the experience get delivered?
    4. What if a participant misses a day?
  1. Call to Action Buttons – Create multiple buttons throughout your page that prompt the reader to take the next step in purchasing.
  2. Standard Best Practices:
    1. Start Today
    2. Enroll Now
    3. Get Started
    4. Join Now
    5. Action Based
      1. Challenge Accepted 
      2. Begin The Journey 
      3. I’m In! 
      4. Let’s Do It!

Creator Sales Pages We Love


Tara Blair Ball How To Go No Contact With Your Ex

What Works: The Hero (also known as the image at the top of the website page) – As soon as you click the link, you’re taken to a page that immediately includes the important information and a bold button to ENROLL NOW.

Mark Bittman’s How To Eat Less Meat 

What Works: The graphic elements that provide a visual of how the SMS program will look. Also the blue “GET THE COURSE” button which stands out well against  the white background. 

Humor, Seriously: The Bootcamp

What Works: User Testimonials – They used their signature icon (the turkey) to make testimonials look more personal to their brand while still providing necessary information.

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