Adding and Formatting Media For SMS

Just because it’s delivered by a text platform doesn’t mean it’s just text! Programs on the Authoritive platform include captivating images, attention-grabbing videos, cool gifs, documents, and more. These additions add value and strengthen the bond between you and your participants. 

In this post we’ll cover tips for adding rich media content like how to:

  • Add media to your messages
  • Send audio messages
  • Send Images
  • Send gifs
  • Send videos

Adding Media to Your Messages

Adding media to your messages on the platform is incredibly easy! Just select “Add Attachment” below the message box and upload from your computer. 

Sending Audio Messages

Your program participants are eager to hear directly from you. And guess what? Short daily audio messages have been shown to grab their attention and provide even more value. Also, if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera – this is an ideal solution!

Our tips for audio messages:

  1. Include a branded image of your program! (More on branding your audio)
  2. Consider adding 2-3 seconds of intro and outro music.  Hit play on the example below. 
  • Interested in best practices for writing/recording audio? Click here

Sending Images

These day’s who isn’t a visual learner, right? Plus incorporating images into your program adds a lot of brand value.
Consider images that

Below are some graphics to help show how each image size and aspect ratio formats on a phone.

  • 720 x 1200 (9:16)
  • 1000 x 1000 (4:3)
  • 1200 x 720 (16:9)

Sending Videos

You probably already know that most videos are over 500kb (which is the recommended size limit for media). But, no need to stress! These bigger files are still a go. They will still be sent to your participants with ease, but they’ll receive them as a link. With just one simple click, they’ll be able to watch it like usual. Pretty cool, right?

Sending GIFs

Using these GIFs is perfect for providing affirmation and additional encouragement in replies. However, there is a trick to sending them so take note .

To send GIFs, simply convert the file to an MP4. Don’t worry, the user experience remains essentially the same and it’s not hard to convert. There are several tools that will do it for you so head to one of the options below or search for ‘GIFs to MP4 converter’ and find one you like!

  • GIFs to MP4 Converter Tools
    • – This tool not only converts GIFs to MP4 but also serves as an online GIF maker for creating animated GIFs from videos.
    • EZGif – Free but there tend to be a lot of ads on the site.

Once converted you can easily add them as attachments to any messages within your programs.

 Learn more about building SMS content in the Authoritive Platform here.  

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