4 Ways to Convert Your Content into an SMS Program

If you’re like most of the creators in our community, you’re looking for new ways to repurpose content that provides enjoyment and value to your audience, but that also allows you to make more money and free up your time. 

Here are four ways you can convert content you’ve already created into an SMS program.

1. Companion Program

  • Ever finished a book or left a speaking engagement that you really loved but struggled with how to actually put what you learned into practice? You’re not alone and your audience has likely experienced something similar. Offering a companion program to support your long form content (ie, books, LMS courses, or complex presentations) can help your audience more easily distill actionable takeaways or put new habits into practice.  A great example is bestselling author Susan Cain’s Quiet At Work, which is a unique program for readers of her blockbuster book Quiet to guide them on how to apply what they’ve learned at work. 

Check it out: Quiet Course

2. Convert an Existing Course

  • Different people learn differently: by converting your existing online or in-person training program to a message-based delivery method, you’ll unlock another way to reach new users and monetize your content. Interactive SMS programs provide your audience with a more flexible, personal, and convenient way to consume your content. They can learn on-the-go, without the need for a computer or internet connection. No passwords or things to download. Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, combined their years of scientific research and in person teaching to create the Humor Seriously: Mobile Bootcamp.

Check it out: Humor Seriously

3. Coaching

  • SMS programs can also be a great way to provide a lower barrier to entry for 1:1 coaching sessions that avoid the hassle of scheduling phone or video calls with your clients. Not only does SMS-coaching offer a more convenient option, for you and your clients, but it allows you to reach the portion of your audience that is not yet ready to make the leap to private coaching or who can’t afford it. It’s an asynchronous way to provide what feels like one to one coaching support. It can be a lower cost way to grow your audience and eventually the pool of people who will pay for your most premium live experiences.  

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4. Challenge

  • SMS programs can be a powerful tool for creating engaging challenges that are both fun and rewarding for your audience. By sending daily messages and tracking progress, you can help your audience stay motivated and engaged throughout a challenge. Casey Jones, aka That Minimalist Mom, created a 30-day program for her audience, challenging them to start decluttering their homes. She included tips, tricks, and daily decluttering assignments that are delivered directly to her participants’ phones and in doing so created a stronger accountability for her audience. 

Check it out: Declutter Challenge

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